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Dr. Justin Wade
Dra. Julia St.rong, CRNP
Kristy Peck Hill, CRNP

Leslie Fox


Amanda Russell, LCSW-C
Amy Thomas
Brittany Marshall, LCPC
Christina Acree, LCSW-C
Dee Hanna, LCSW-C

Dominique Navarro
Donna Dunlap
jAy Siegman, LCSW-C
jen Breve, LCSW-C
Karen Siegman, LCSW-C
Misty Miller, LCSW-C

Shanez Jenkins, LCSW-C
Walaneh Labala, LCSW-C



Personal administrativo
Diana Hudson
Earleen Lozen

Lisa Wielgosz, supervisora
Robin Jones, supervisora
Tiffany Ewing


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