We are currently using the telehealth platform doxy.me which is HIPAA compliant. You only need an internet ready device, with a camera and microphone to have your session.  Telehealth is covered by insurance companies just like tradition therapy services are. We are also offering telephone session if you are unable to participate in telehealth for existing clients and these sessions are also covered by your insurance. We are currently accepting new clients for services.  Below are the links to each clinician's telehealth room and session are only by appointments.

Telehealth room links - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Amanda Russell:  https://doxy.me/amandapeaceofmindmhs

Amy Thomas:    https://doxy.me/Amypom

Brittany Cooper: https://doxy.me/brittanyc

Brittany Marshall: https://doxy.me/blmarshall

Dominique Navarro: https://doxy.me/msnavarro

Donna Dunlap: https://doxy.me/therapydonna

Jay Siegman: https://doxy.me/jaypom

Jenna Willey: https://doxy.me/jennawilley

Jen Short: https://doxy.me/jenshort


Dr. Julia Strong: https://doxy.me/juliastrongpom

Dr. Justin Wade: https://doxy.me/Baystreet

Karen Siegman:  https://doxy.me/karenpom


Leslie Fox:  https://doxy.me/lesliefox

Michele Watson: https://doxy.me/Mwatson

Shanez Jenkins: https://doxy.me/sjenkins 

Walaneh Labala: https://doxy.me/WalanehPOM

Admin: https://doxy.me/peaceofmindmhs